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Investment Ventures

Self-storage has provided the highest annual returns of any real estate investment class since 1992


Annex Self Storage in Newnan, GA

Why Self-Storage?

5050 Storage Partners focuses exclusively on self-storage. Our commitment to self-storage is grounded in its compelling attributes: minimal capital improvements, fixed costs, and month-to-month leases providing an effective inflation hedge. Notably, self-storage boasts a 16.72% average annualized return since 1992, with household demand growing from 2% of American households in 1990 to 11% today.

Annex Self Storage in Newnan, GA


Our Specialization

Our assets are managed under our flag “StorMark Self-Storage” which is our in-house property management company. StorMark utilizes cutting edge technology to manage our facilities. Tenants can choose and move into their new unit without ever speaking with a property manager. Tenants also have the ability to connect with one of our great in-house contact center agents if additional support is needed. We also utilize a dynamic pricing model that sets rental rates on a daily basis depending upon supply and demand. As sponsors we believe that in-house management is critical to our success as no one will care more about the asset’s performance than ourselves.

Storage Construction Management is our in-house construction company and was created to better streamline our projects. Since the bulk of our acquisitions are located in smaller markets we found it difficult to find contractors who provided an end product that represented our goals. By bringing construction in-house it provides us the ability to deliver projects on time, on budget and up to our quality standards.

We employ a strategic approach to expand our portfolio and the portfolios of our clients, targeting underperforming and high-potential properties. We offer comprehensive acquisition services, including deal sourcing, negotiation, and transaction management, to create value for our investors and strengthen our presence in the self-storage market.

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